Siena Bike Tour

  Half day


50 €


  Occasional rider

The bike tour in Siena allow you to see and discover its beautiful city center, monuments and its main historical and artistic sitesThe Siena bike tour will lead you to visit the most important places from north to south of the city, we will dive into the wonderful tangle of narrow streets, towers and and hidden squares that make the city of Siena unique.
The center of Siena, surrounded by ancient walls, is free from vehicular traffic and is possible to ride in for the largest part of the streets, for this reason is suggested also for beginners and also for families with children.
The tour begins at the Fortezza Medicea, where you will have a first overview of the city, continue on Via di Città up to the Duomo, the Gothic architectural jewel that contains the famous works of Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernini. Leaving on the back the Duomo and the Santa Maria della Scala we cycle to the monumental Piazza del Campo, the beating heart of Siena's culture where twice a year takes place the famous Palio di Siena.
The tour continues to the south part of the city to the Basilica of Santa Maria dei Servi and then back to the north, where we will visit the Church of Santa Maria di Provenzano.
During the tour we will visit the museum of one of the 17 "Contrade", where inside are welle preserved the heritage of the Contrada, historical clothes and Palios won.
PRICES PER PERSON: 2 people: 105 € / 3 people: 80 € / 4 people: 70 € / 5 people: 60 € / 6 people: 55 € / 7-8 people: 50 €

DURATION: Half day

WHERE: Siena

WHEN: all year long
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Bike guide in english, french or spanish language
  • Visit to one of the museum of the17 Contrade
  • Transportation to and from the start of the tour, if you'll stay outside the city center.
  • Electric bike (e-bike): + 15 €
  • Lunch
  • Professional tour guide
  • Visit Museo dell'Opera del Duomo
  • Visit Museo Civico
2 people: 105 euro
3 people: 80 euro
4 people: 70 euro
5 people: 60 euro
6 people: 55 euro
7 – 8 people: 50 euro