Road book and Diploma

Get the road book and ride along the permanent route of L'Eroica


Anima Toscana offers the opportunity to get the kit to complete the permanent route of L’Eroica on your own. You can obtain the “Road book kit” by regular mail to your home sending an email of request to , you will receive an answer with the way of payment.
The Kit include:
- Paper Road book where you can post the stamp of each area oF the Permanent Route
- Basic map of the route
- List of the exercises authorized to post the stamp
- Informative note of the Permanent Route
- Final diploma of "Eroico"
- GPX track of the route


You can start to ride the Permanent Route from any point of the route.
Each of the authorized sites is recognized as a point of departure and arrival of the circuit and therefore authorized to issue the stamps.
On the road book will be affixed stamps showing the passage along the 5 areas of the route: Chianti – Siena and Val d’Arbia – Montalcino – Val d’Asso – Crete Senesi.
The stamps will be 6: 1 start (open to choice) – 1 for all next zone checks (total of 4 stamps) – 1 arrival (same as starting area).
At the end of the route, presenting the road book with 6 stamps validation, you can request the final diploma with your name. To require the Diploma you must scan the road book and send it to , after checking the exact passage in all the areas of the Permanent Route, you will receive a personal diploma directly to your home.

Anima Toscana organzes the baggage transportation along the permanent route of L’Eroica, for those who want to live this experience in freedom but with an extra comfort and service.

Anima Toscana offers travel solutions to complete the permanent route in 3, 4 or 5 days, or make custom packages following your needs, based on the days at your disposal or depending on the distance you want to cover by day.
For more information WATCH THE PACKAGES or send an email to to receive a free offer.